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Essay on Smoking In Public Places Should Be Banned

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Smoking In Public Places Should Be Banned

There should be rules enforced for smoking in public places. Smokers just do not know the negative influence they are spreading. A puff of cigarette can harm a smokers health. When I go to a restaurant I do not like to leave smelling like smoke. It is the same going to a garbage dump, and smelling like garbage. I am not a smoker, and I cannot stand having the stench of smoke on my clothes. The smell of smoke is not harmful, but secondhand smoke is. Smokers should not be able to smoke in the public vicinity. Smokers are spreading harmful chemicals into my lungs. Smokers should respect a non-smokers health. The risk of cigarette smoke is deadly to an human beings lungs. For a smoker to be…show more content…

Those who tried their first cigarette did so under the influence. If the smokers were not around the public smoking, I believe we would see less people try their first cigarette. Someone who tried their first cigarette did so because they felt pressured when around all the smokers. Smoking is addictive and smokers cannot go within an hour of not smoking a cigarette. If smokers did not have an area where they could smoke then less people would smoke, and influence another individual to smoke also. The effects of a smoker can damage someone’s health, habit, and life. The average person consumes smoke without even taking a puff of the cigarette. There are many risks when people smoke in front of a non-smoker’s face such as liver disease, cancer, and a bad colon. An average person breathes in smoke unconsciously, and secondhand smoke has become a major issue in America. Being in the presence of non-smoker can he harmful, and some people do not even realize it. Although some people are comfortable with a smoker blowing smoke in their face, what they do not realize is the consequence of their health. Smokers should be aware of how they affecting a person’s lungs. In conclusion, smokers should not smoke in public, or around non-smokers. Smokers do not care about the smoke that comes from their cigarette is affecting another life. Just because you are in a non-smoking section, it does

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Smoking Should be Banned in Public Places Essays

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During the past few decades it has come to light that smoking kills. The federal government mandates that every pack of cigarettes carry a warning on it that smoking can lead to health problems including death. But the messages are rather clinical, for example: “Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, and May Complicate Pregnancy.” Smoking is a danger to one’s own health but there is now evidence that smoking can affect others as well. Second hand smoke has been shown to cause cancer. Second hand smoke has been shown to produce the same negative health effects that smoking first hand does. Cities across the nation are taking it upon themselves to address the issue of smoking in public place because of the evidence about…show more content…

The hospitality industry has long argued that smoking bans cause great financial difficulty for bars and restaurants because of the link between smoking and drinking. But a new study by the University of Minnesota shows that smoking bans in eight Minnesota cities did not have any significant impact on employment in those businesses (Benson).
One of the aspects that are argued is the freedom of choice. Freedom of choice mandates if a person wants to smoke they should be able to. While the freedom of choice issue is debated and measures are taken to assist people in breaking their addiction to smoking there are strong reasons for implementing a nationwide ban on smoking in bars and restaurants. Smokers want to be able to enjoy a cigarette following their meal or while they sip their drinks. They have lobbied to stop bans around the country and threatened to boycott any business that voluntarily places a ban on smoking in their establishment.
For a long time, the hospitality industry maintained that if nonsmokers didn't like smoke, then they shouldn't go into places that allowed it. Few buy that argument any more. Nonsmokers want to go where they want and not have to suffer exposure to smoke as the price they pay. The Tobacco Industry fights smoke-free laws because smoke-free laws result in a decline in the consumption of tobacco products, an increase in the cessation rate among smokers, and an overall

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