Cps Anna Nagar Weekend Homework For Children

My daughter joined CPS (Chennai Public School) last year & is continuing there now. Fees is midrange (~50-60k) including uniforms/books etc (bus not incl.) + there's no donation (atleast the last 2 years). What we liked about the school was that it has several r2i students & students who had transferred from other states within India  - somewhat of a similar background & this helped with initial adjustment. Teachers are nice to kids and treat them well - the teaching is OK (nothing exceptional). As with all schools, some teachers are brilliant & the rest so-so.  They do not push students academically & homework is relatively light. If one is looking for a school that's very academic then this may not be right (based on our experience so far - perhaps in higher classes the story may be different). This may have to do with the new continuous evaluation system introduced in India. They do have yoga as part of regular classwork & Karate as after-school activity (optional). However, their playground is very minimal  & there was pretty much no physical activity or games last year. I believe a lot of parents complained & this year they have been taking students by their school bus to another playground, but their extra-curricular seems very lacking (at least compared to what it used to be in SBOA several yrs back). In summary, we feel its a great school for transition, but unless they improve on extra-curricular & be a bit more focused on academics it may not be the best option for the higher grades.

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