Acs Coursework Syllabus Templates

Preparatory Chemistry Courses

Section 5.7

Students may need chemistry courses to prepare them for college-level programs of study. Such courses emphasize concepts, critical thinking, and chemical calculations required to be successful in chemistry. They also include a laboratory component equivalent to that in a high school chemistry course.

General Chemistry

Section 5.8

Traditionally, general chemistry is a first-year college course sequence designed for science majors and students who aspire to become professional chemists. Completion of general chemistry course work ensures a common background in basic chemical concepts such as stoichiometry, states of matter, atomic structure, molecular structure and bonding, thermochemistry, equilibria, and kinetics. Course work must include a laboratory component.

Common outcomes of general chemistry should include knowledge of basic chemical concepts, strength in quantitative problem solving, preparation for higher-level course work, maturation of students’ knowledge of chemistry, and application of mathematical skills. Students also need to be competent in basic laboratory skills, including laboratory safety, keeping a notebook, use of electronic balances and volumetric glassware, preparation of solutions, chemical measurements using pH electrodes and spectrophotometers, data analysis, and report writing. The diversity of institutions and students requires a wide variety of approaches to optimize the progress of students.

The prerequisites for general chemistry are typically the equivalent of one year of high school chemistry with a laboratory component and three years of high school mathematics, including two years of algebra. For students whose preparation is deficient, successful completion of a developmental or preparatory chemistry course, or its equivalent, as well as the necessary mathematics courses, should be required.

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