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Long-Term & Short Term Objec±vesLong-Term Objectives oGoPro has plans to also become a media company. They have already begun developing partnerships with media giants such as YouTube and Facebook, and also with sports markets such as the PGA Tour and the NHL. Most recently they partnered with the 2016 Grammy Awards to create the GRAMMYcam, which showcased all different facets of the live event. These partnerships will help bring in a wider base of consumers for both parties and increase awareness of the GoPro brand.oGoPro is currently in the beginning stages of launching into virtual reality technology. They have begun a partnership with Google to improve its Cardboard product by beginning work on its Jump device, a virtual reality filming kit. oImproving marketing techniques is a long-term objective for GoPro. After their original IPO announcement, the company relied too much on the free media and consumer buzz surrounding its initial release, but when this died down they neglected to invest in further product promotion. Company leaders now say they will return to traditional marketing techniques and also begin marketing to “small life moments” rather than their traditional adventurer market strategy. With this strategy in mind, they entered Q1 of FY2016 with a Super Bowl 50 commercial.oGoPro has produced a 360-degree, 16-camera product called Odyssey that it plans to use alongside its developing Jump product. Currently Odyssey is onlyavailable to select industry professionals, but the company plans on investingin research & development to determine how to market the product towards commercial sale with a lowered price and simplified use. Short-Term ObjectivesoGoPro has plans to release a consumer drone called Karma later in 2016. Thisproduct would be sold as an accessory in order to bolster sales of GoPro cameras. In addition to this the Hero5 also has an expected release for later in2016. The camera is rumored to capture 3D images and record 8K videos. It is also said to have the same “ice cube” form factor as the Hero4 Session.oGoPro will be integrating with Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app this year. This allows users to record and stream video once paired with a smartphone to a live audience. This technology has become a hit among teen consumers.oA new desktop editing software will be released in March, which will aid users with visualizing videos and not have them lost as unrecognizable files. They hope the software eases the tension of getting files off the camera. In addition, GoPro just signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft for a patent sharing of file storage. This is an attempt to convince investors that they are working to improve their video editing software. oGoPro plans to discontinue its original three cameras in order to persuade customers to purchase the more recent Hero4 devices.

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GoPro - HD wearable camcorder

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Introduction When GoPro, which introduced the first wearable sports cameras, launched its first product, there was nothing like this camera. This product has become a success since it was introduced in the market. What makes it so different from the others that satisfy the same needs? Further analysis about the product is needed to understand the means of differentiation that have the most impact on decision-making. Constructing a sustainable competitive advantage through differentiation strategy is one method,…show more content…

Positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or concept in the minds of their chosen segments. The slogan is part of the positioning - “Be a hero” and “Wear it. Mount it. Love it” – the better ones are those that stick to the minds of customers. GoPro followed an excellent strategy, and everything they do they do well. A good STP analysis is a crucial step when launching a brand. A bad STP may be enough to ruin a brand.

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Marketing Mix Product, Place, Price and Promotion This small waterproof and shockproof camera has a wider-angle lens and the capacity to take high quality photos. A very small camera, it fits into a hard plastic shell, protecting it from shock and elements. The camera case can be used with mounting accessories from GoPro or external competitors. The durability and versatility of the camera are features that distinguish this camera from others. The last edition has a system – 3D Hero System – that puts two cameras into one shell, allowing the user to take 3D videos. It is also an affordable camera for every pocket, the pricing strategy allows everyone to “be a hero”. Because this is a small lightweight camera and
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