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Poverty affects over three billion people throughout the world- this is half of the world's population. When we as people look at that number, living in America, we wonder "where are the poverty stricken individuals in our community?" Here is where I believe one of the most important actions to decrease poverty must occur- informing the able community on how large the issue of poverty is in our world as well as educating how we can decrease poverty and decrease the effects of poverty and the suffering that poverty stricken people endure.

The most important action that will decrease poverty in the Philippines and around the world is individual contribution and volunteerism. There is a very high in balance of income in the Philippines, with some people that are incredibly wealthy and the vast majority of the population being very poor. Those that have the time, funds, and voice to give can make an incredible difference in the lives of the poor. They can buy them food and water to survive, clothing to protect them and warm them, and shelter to protect them and that they can raise their family and be safe. With individual people, families, and organizations donating food, clean water, a safe place to call home, so much suffering and pain endured by the poor could be taken away- their hearts lifted, and their souls comforted with peace and love.   

Another action that can greatly decrease the amount of people suffering from poverty is through advocacy. Many community leaders, community partnerships, and individual voices, can speak their message and speak the mass voice of the poor. Through advocacy, community organizers can speak in the public eye to put the voiceless message of the poor to the frontlines that that the Philippines first and foremost goal should be providing for their citizens and helping lift the poverty stricken out of poverty. Democratic policies can be changed and higher wages part of the law as well as laws to protect workers from governmental and organizational exploitation.

In the Philippines poverty has created a situation where people cannot provide for themselves or their family. They go hungry and do not have a home. If they have a home, it is usually created with cardboard, miscellaneous metal materials, and ragged clothing. Community leaders can work together to re-build the community, and communities that have suffered from natural disasters and fires, and can re-build lives. What needs to happen for this type of re-building in a community to occur is for community leaders to collaborate together, obtain a volunteer following, and funding (governmental, private, public, or a combination of the three). This funding, volunteerism, and community leadership can build thousands and hundreds of thousands of adequate housing and protection.

Then community psychologists, university partnerships, and students can come together and volunteer to educate the community on maternal health, farming, sustainable food growth, farming practices, sanitation measures, health prevention, and further education so that people of the community can obtain even higher paying jobs so that they too can 'pay it forward'.

Within urban areas, abandoned or unused buildings can be renovated and turned into transitional housing and homeless shelters for the poor so that they can survive and further flourish. The citizens of the Philippines should never have to live on the streets or in unsanitary homes. Children should not have to endure the pain of poverty. Families and parents should not have to watch their children suffer or suffer themselves. We need to thrust ourselves out of and consciously be aware of, in the words of Charles Dickens in "A Christmas Carol" (1843), ignorance and want. We should beware of ignorance because it blinds of the reality billions of people face every day. We should be aware of want because it opens our hearts, our empathy and understanding, our compassion, and enlightens our souls in how we can help others.

We also must remember never to judge. We must serve all others, indiscriminately and be a source of comfort and love for all our brothers and sisters. What must happen for the Filipino people to come out of poverty and hunger is and to decrease the amount of poverty stricken Filipinos is our individual voices, actions and love. We can all make a difference, no matter how small. If it is from one piece of clothing, or one meal, or a roof over someone's head, or if not the ability to give any of those things, we can give a listening ear and source of comfort and love. We all must contribute something so that they do not have to suffer from living any longer. We can also, all over the world, sponsor a family and a child so that they do not have to suffer any longer.

My faith in Christ Jesus the Savior has drew me to serve others. It has instilled in me wisdom, compassion, understanding, non-judgment, selflessness, goodwill, love, and servitude for all others. I am a servant to all people and want to serve them with love. Building safe haven churches where the word of God and his love and goodness can be given. Where food, water, clothing, shelter, and the word of God can uplift the spirits and souls of the impoverished and the hungry and help lift them out of their pain.

There are a couple of quotes that empower me and others to save another life and to contribute food, shelter, and love. As we all need air, we all also need water and food to survive and need a shelter to protect us. These quotes some from my faith that brings me to give to others and to always try my very best to be nonjudgmental and selfless. And most of all to give love.

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." (Matthew 7:12, KJV).

"Love thy neighbor as thyself" (10 Commandments, Holy Bible).

"Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king" (1 Peter 2:17, KJV).

As many of us, including myself, have been a slave to greed and money. We have that extra piece of clothing, or went out to eat for dinner, we have had some vacations or presents we truly did not need- we have all been foolish with our blessings at times. Yet we should be content with but only food and clothing- we need nothing else material. God is on our side.

"And having food and raiment let us be therewith content" (1 Timothy 6:8, KJV).

I believe that the actions that I have proposed above will be effective, if they are carried out, because money can buy food, clean water, clothing, and shelter. Community service and volunteerism promotes strong values and equality. And empowering and informing others that all of their actions, no matter how small, can truly make a difference in the life of another


Jacqueline Kaleigh Rogers

This is my essay about this topic. I really need helps in grammars and phrases. Please help me. Thank you very much.

Topic: Do you think it is possible to end extreme poverty in next 30 years. If so, how?

Poverty has been a serious problem over centuries. Every year, there are millions of people at the risk of hunger. A lot of foundations, like Sodexo, are created for fighting poverty. But, how long do we have to fight? Is there anyway that we can end extreme poverty in short time? The answer is, yes, we can. If we work altogether to fight poverty, we can stop it.

We always say that we love people. We feel sorry for poor people, and want to help them out. Nevertheless, what we do is not agree to what we say. Ironically, we are the one that make poverty, not god, nor anything.

In order to fight poverty, we have to know the reasons the rate of poverty has risen recently. Until now, the U.S has been taking care of too many things like, being a leader in the war to fight terrorism, supporting other countries with their disaster by providing them money, food, and work forces. Is it enough already? Should we be more concerned about what happens with our country? I'm not saying that the U.S should not get involved with the world. However, everything has a limit. How can we support other countries better if we are not strong enough? How can we help other people if our residents are faced with poverty, the fear of being laid-off, having no money to pay for their daily expenses? We still have a lot of people that don't reach the standard of living yet.

There are many jobs that have vanished. The newspaper has cut more than three thousands jobs last year. Yahoo! also cut about one thousands job so far. People are struggling in finding a proper job that can provide them money to live: "I'd like to stay in journalism, but I don't know if I can make a sustainable living at it" (Triplett). Another 62-year-old machinist is also in the same situation, but he doesn't blame it on anyone: "I don't hold it against anybody, because the same thing is happening everywhere" (Simmon). According to Paul Krugman, who was the winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in economics, the Obama's economic stimulus will only limit the rise of unemployment but it won't help to restore full employment. Without jobs, people can't earn. They tend to spend less, cut off the shopping, and when they don't spend, it means more layoffs in manufacturing. As a consequence, poverty is raised and become an extreme problem which is hard to solve.

I still don't know the benefits that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have brought to us except for a big loss of money and many tragic deaths. The total financial cost for just only the war in Iraq is around $3 trillion. More than 4,000 thousand U.S troop have lost their lives so far and some 30,000 wounded. Despite that fact, the government keeps supporting this great source of expenses with the funds from residents' taxes.

Just imagine what would happen to the economic situation if we had spent that huge amount of money on infrastructure, worker training, medical research, and homeland security in our country? The answer is obvious. It would have helped speed up the entire economy by providing more jobs for people. The rate of joblessness would have decreased, and the worry about poverty would have lifted.

We cannot deny the fact that war is very much linked to poverty and crisis of economy. President Bush used to say that the spending on the war might help with jobs, because we were buying equipment and people were working. Even though this may be a way to create more jobs for people, it is not necessarily the right way and does not stop the poverty. With war, comes many tragic deaths. The wife loses her husband, and the child loses his dad. War cannot end anything. Generally, the vice chair man of Goldman, Sachs, a Wall Street firm is also in favor of this: "War spending is a highly ineffective way of boosting U.S. jobs and growth; spending on road, bridges, energy research, and education at home would have a far more beneficial and enduring effect on the economy than artillery and tanks." This way, we are not losing our dear residents, and they can use their knowledge to ameliorate the country.

Can you believe that we can possibly end the extreme poverty in the next 30 years? I believe so. But, there are a lot of thing that we have to do. Education should be a primary concern in the first ten years. Every child should complete a high school degree at least. Knowledge is always the best way to improve poverty. With creative ideas based on what they have learned, children can build a bright future. Bill Gates is the best example for this case.

Second, in the next five years we have to fight corruption. This is one of the great sources of poverty. A country with a lot of corruption will grow slower than others, and eventually, the economic activities will decline. Even though corruption, itself, does not affect poverty directly, it has serious impact on the economy and governance factors which lead to poverty. Because corruption causes high cost in business, increased inefficiency, limits the growth of economy, and creates public mistrust in government. This is everybody's job. As Ghandi says, one man's greed is enough to consume all the world's assets. They have to control their own greed, take responsibility, and pay full taxes. Just think about how taxes can help to build schools, improve social services, health care. We can reduce the rate of poverty this way. Will you give a hand?

Third, we have to be concerned with our economic situation. The U.S government should invest in the economy once again in ten years. We can try to create more jobs, or get the best deals with other countries so they can provide us best equipment for the lowest price. We also have to expand and introduce our products. In the countries in Asia such as Vietnam, China, or Malaysia . . . whatever comes from the U.S always has the greatest value compare to other products. It always has double and even triple price. So, why don't we use this point to make more money?

Fourth, controlling the market and population is one of the ways to fight the poverty in the last five years. Inflation just makes everything get worse. Companies will gain more, but in contrast, the rate of poverty will rise because low class people cannot afford living expenses. Rich people will get richer, and poor people will become poorer. Moreover, we cannot ensure that we provide enough for people if overpopulation occurs.

I come here three years ago as an international student with dream and hope. My dream is to be a good doctor and help poor people. Me, myself, cannot change everything. This is time that we should stand together, hold the hands and overcome the obstacles for a better world.

Don't let our children, the next generation have to bear any bad result created from our mistakes. They don't deserve it. A bright and happy life which is full of hopes and dreams is the one that they should expect and wait for. Besides that, when we improve our situation, the good is not only for us but also for other countries which their economy depend on ours. We can help reduce the rate of poverty throughout the world. Don't be worried, together we will make it through, like we did for our first Great Recession in World War II. You go, America!!!

some thoughts, try combining ideas in your sentences together to make longer sentences

you say a lot about what we are doing with money, and about several issues, but you don't talk about extreme poverty until later in the essay. What you say about the US economy and military spending does not necessarily mean that EXTREME poverty can end. Make sure that is clearer.

you spend the first "half" talking about real world examples, but the second part is more theoretical, and somewhat rhetorical. try to merge them together, < just a thought.

try not to use "we," "you," "us," etc in your essay. It depends who the paper is written to, but if this is an academic paper, or a persuasive paper, keep it third person.

you've got lots of ideas, especially apparent in the list of first, second, third, etc, but I think you need to explain how it's applicable

This last paragraph shows that your concern is aimed at addressing poverty in the United States. But extreme poverty is almost nonexistent in the U.S.

Extreme poverty exists in places like Bangladesh, Haiti, The Sudan and many other parts of Africa. In the United States, we see examples of relative poverty, but not extreme poverty, I think.

If you have found some of the suggestions above helpful, I could come back later and perhaps offer some more. But I wonder if you would like some feedback on the ideas, on the content, as well?

Here is the text with suggestions incorporated, without the parentheses and alternate suggestions:

Topic: Do you think it is possible to end extreme poverty within the next 30 years. If so, how?

Poverty has been a serious problem through the centuries. Every year, there are millions of people at risk of hunger. Many foundations, such as Sodexo, have been created to fight poverty. But how long must we fight? Is there any way that we can end extreme poverty within a short time? The answer is, "yes, we can. If we work together to fight poverty, we can stop it". (I am not SURE about placement of these quotes.)

We say that we love people. We feel compassion and empathy for poor people, and want to help them out. Nevertheless, what we do is not in accord with what we say. Ironically, we are the ones who make poverty, not God, nor the laws of nature.

In order to fight poverty, we have to know why the rate of poverty has risen recently. In recent years, the U.S. has been taking care of too many things like, being a leader in the war to fight terrorism, supporting other countries with their disaster by providing them money, food, and work forces. Is it enough already? Should we be more concerned about what happens with our country? I'm not saying that the U.S should not get involved with the world. However, everything has a limit...

(I think this edit needs editing. I used 'In recent years' just after your 'recently'. It might be better to change 'recently' or change 'In recent years' to name a particular time-frame, such as, 'Over the past decade', or something like that.)

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