Cuny Graduate Center Phd Application Essays

How to Prepare

In general, preparation will depend on what year of your undergraduate career you're in. Basically, you should plan so that you apply for the program during your junior year and enter the Pipeline Program the summer before your senior year. Additionally, keep in mind this info is just as applicable to preparing to apply to grad school.

Freshman - It's too early to apply for the Pipeline Program but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. This gives you plenty of time to build a strong research and academic foundation. The important thing is to explore your options and find an academic discipline/major you're interested in and passionate about and do well in your core and elective courses. Research experience is the foundation of a great grad school application so participate in undergraduate research opportunities - there's usually an undergraduate research office on your particular CUNY campus so seek them out as soon as you can. This will allow you to also begin finding a faculty mentor (you will need a faculty mentor for the duration of the Pipeline Program). Writing is a crucial part of research so register for writing-intensive courses.

Sophomore - We do accept sophomores but you will need to be diligent in accomplishing the tasks listed above for freshmen. It is important that you maintain a high GPA and continue your undergraduate research activities. 

Junior - Juniors make up the majority of our applicants and have followed the above steps. If you haven't participated in a research activity, it's more difficult to be admitted to the Pipeline Program and subsequent graduate programs. A high GPA is also very important.

Senior - Seniors are usually not admitted. On occasion a senior may be planning to take an additional year of study. If this is the case your application will be considered, but you will need to be enrolled (at least part-time) during your entire time in the Pipeline Program.

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