Btec Sport Level 3 Unit 1 Assignments For Students

Transcript of Btec Level 3 Sport

Btec Level 3 Sport
What will you be studying?
Working towards Btec Level 3 Sport –Subsidary Diploma

This is made up of 60 Credits

What are Credits?

Each Unit (Topic) that you study is awarded either 5 Credits or 10 Credits

You must study enough Units to cover 60 Credits

What Units will you Cover?
There are 4 compulsory units

Unit 1: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport (5 Credits)

Unit 2: The Physiology of Fitness (5 Credits)

Unit3: Assessing Risk in Sport (10 Credits)

Unit7: Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise (10 Credits)

These will be covered in Year 12- giving you 30 Credits

Optional Units
Optional units
4 Fitness Training and Programming 10
5 Sports Coaching ** 10
6 Sports Development 10
7 Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise *** 10
8 Practical Team Sports * 10
9 Practical Individual Sports * 10
10 Outdoor and Adventurous Activities * 10
11 Sports Nutrition 10 3
12 Current Issues in Sport 10
13 Leadership in Sport ** 10
14 Exercise, Health and Lifestyle 10
15 Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise 10

An Introduction
In Year 13 we will cover 3 more Units- Giving you a further 30 Credits

The Units that we cover will be decided upon by the staff and will be chosen to suit you.

17 Psychology for Sports Performance 10
24 Physical education and the care of children and young people 10
26 Work Experience in Sport 10
27 Technical and Tactical Skills in Sport 10
28 The Athlete’s Lifestyle 10
33 Skills for Land-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 10
34 Skills for Water-based Outdoor and Adventurous Activities 10
39 Sports Facilities and Operational Management 10
41 Profiling Sports Performance 10
42 Research Investigation in Sport and Exercise Sciences 10
43 Laboratory and Experimental Methods in Sport and Exercise Science

All work MUST BE completed by the given deadline

Failure to meet a deadline can result in you failing the course

As staff we have to follow a set marking and verification plan and if work is not complete in time it will not be marked- Leading to a fail

You must attend all lessons-even during exam time unless you are taking an exam at the time of the lesson.

You must bring your textbook to each lesson with a pen and paper

Pass, Merit or Distinction?
Btec does not follow the A*-G grading system

It uses a Pass (P), Merit (M) or Distinction (D) system

Each assignment that you complete will have these letters attached to it- allowing you to see what you can achieve for that assignment

In order to pass a unit you must achieve All the Pass Criteria

In order to achieve a Merit you must complete All the pass and merit criteria for that unit.

In order to achieve a Distinction you must pass All the pass, merit and distinction criteria for that Unit

Any Questions?

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