Unity In Diversity In India Essay

India's Strength Lies In Unity In Diversity

India is a multi -religious, multi-cultural, multi- racial and multi- lingual country


India is a multi -religious, multi-cultural, multi- racial and multi- lingual country. As to say multiplicity is almost a common feature of every aspect here. Yet to the world India is one in her tone, appearance and mutual understanding. Despite all the apparent diversities there is a strong bond that enables us to line together peacefully identifying ourselves as Indians. "What is that bond" is sometimes asked. The answer is the emotional unity i.e. patriotic zeal which every Indian possesses and which works wonder in unifying India as one nation.

Indian culture is very old, much older than what was at one time supposed. Discoveries made in the present century in `Sindh' and in the Punjab have established that it goes back to the remote past of 3,000 B.C, if not earlier. The Indians of those early days appeared to have been highly civilized and united. But at the beginning of the sixth century B.C India was divided into sixteen independent states, some of which were monarchical ones while others republics. No wonder this division weakened the political unity to some extent. Of course another crucial factor was the foreign invasions which started as early as 1500 B.C when Aryans invaded India. The Aryan invasion was later followed by Muslims, Christian, French, British, Parsi ones. Fortunately all to them underwent a process of intermixing with the Indians thereby feeling oneness with the main stream of Indian nationalism. By and by by the invasion of the foreign bodies India's culture is enriched by giving it new dimension and variety.

After a long phase of political turbulence and upheaval in the Mongol period India experienced a glorious episode to her long history especially in the time o Akbor the Great(1556-1605). In literature, science, culture, arts She showed a tremendous progress and maturity. And it was possible only due to the unity that existed between the invaders and the natives. Later in 18th century, as we know, India was invaded by the British who ruled India nearly two decades before being uprooted in 1947.

With its second largest population belonging to different religious and ethnic groups India, today, stands as the biggest secular country having the unique character of unity in diversity. Barring a few starry...

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In India, the famous concept of "Unity in Diversity" is perfectly accurate. This is a very common topic on which students are given a discussion or an examination or essay writing competition in schools. Here we are providing you with an essay written with "simple unity in diversity" and with various word boundaries that students can use on any occasion. Here you can find here some essays on Unity in Diversity in English language for students in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 400 words.

Essay on unity in diversity 1 (100 words)

"Unity in diversity" means unity in diversity. For many years, India, which proves this concept, is a great country. India is a country where it is very clear to see the "unity in diversity", because together with many religions, races, cultures, and traditions, without hurting one another's feelings and trust for their religion together Live. Regardless of all the variations of psychological, ideological, political, religious, multi-lingual, physical, social, cultural, etc., "unity in diversity" focuses on the existence of unity. There is more complexity in unity than much diversity. Despite the diversity of race, religion, caste, sub-caste, community, language and dialect, people live in India. People in India are very afraid of God in a very spiritual and natural way, so they respect everyone's religion.

Essay on unity in diversity 2 (150 words)

"Unity in diversity" means the existence of integrity despite the various inequalities. India is a better example for this concept of "Unity in diversity". We can see here very clearly that on the one side of India, namely, different religions, community, caste, language, culture, life style, way of wearing apparel, trust in God, worship with samarasata under one roof People of text-like manner etc. live together. People living in India are a mother's child whom we call the mother of India. India is a famous and big country in the world where different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, Christian and Parsi live together but all trust one principle of religion and order. People here are terrified of God by nature and rely on the purification of soul, reincarnation, salvation, heaven and hell. Without harming people of any religion, people celebrate Holi, Diwali, Id, Christmas, Good Friday, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti etc in a very peaceful manner.

Essay on unity in diversity 3 (200 words)

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world where many species of people live together for years. India is a country of diverse civilizations where people use approximately 1650 languages ​​and dialects according to their religion and will. Despite being separated from the culture, tradition, religion, and language, people respect each other here and at the same time they stay together with a lot of brotherly feelings. People are engaged here on the whole of India and through a sense of brotherhood. One of the great characters of its nation is "Unity in diversity" which keeps people of all religions in a relationship of humanity.

To make India an independent country, we can never forget the freedom movement run by the people of all religions of India. The struggle for freedom of "unity in diversity" in India is a great example. In India "unity in diversity" gives a strong message to all that there is nothing to be without unity. Living with love and harmony provides the real essence of life. In India, "Unity in diversity" shows that we are all born, raised and nurtured by a God.

Essay on unity in diversity 4 (250 words)

Inequality is the integrity of "unity in diversity". India is a country that proves the concept of "unity in diversity" in a good way. India is a more populous country and is famous all over the world because the character of "unity in diversity" is seen here. "Unity in diversity" is the strength and strength of India which today recognizes India as an important quality.

"Unity in diversity" has been encouraged for the great national integration characteristic of the country, which, in spite of many corruption, extremism and terrorism, will also be the basis of India's strength and prosperity. Generally people living in different states are different in their language, culture, tradition, apparel, festivals, forms etc. (Bengali, Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Tamilian, etc.); Yet they call themselves Indians who exhibit "unity in diversity".

Here humanity and probability help people to maintain "unity in diversity". In India, people give great importance to spirituality, work and rituals instead of their property, which brings them closer. There are religious tolerance among the people here as their unique qualities, which does not allow them to feel difficulty in the presence of different religions. Most people in India belong to Hindu religion which have the ability to adopt and welcome all other good cultures on their land. This kind of characteristics of the Indian people here reveals the "unity in diversity".

Essay on unity in diversity 5 (300 words)


India is a country that has proved the truth of "unity in diversity". People of different religions and castes have lived together for many years without any difficulty. India is a country decorated with high mountains, valleys, oceans, famous rivers, streams, forests, deserts, ancient cultures and traditions and the most unique "unity in diversity". People here are related to their race, religion and language, but all of them have the same character of humanity which makes them capable to live together.

The importance of unity in diversity is given below:

The Importance of Unity in Diversity:

  • "Unity in diversity" enhances morale in people's workplace, organization and community.
  • It helps in enhancing the team spirit, relationships, group work among people, because of this, improves performance, efficiency, productivity and lifestyle.
  • It also creates effective dialogues in bad circumstances.
  • Keeps people away from social problems and easily helps in fighting hardships.
  • Brings good improvements in human relationships and protects human rights of all.
  • "Unity in diversity" provides the source of tourism in India. People from all over the world attract more tourists and tourists to different cultures, traditions, food, religion and apparel.
  • Despite being uneven in many ways, it encourages the national integration habit among the people of the country.
  • In addition to strengthening and enriching India's cultural heritage, it values ​​the rich heritage of the country.
  • This helps in the development of agriculture through various crops, which increases the economy.
  • For the country, there are different fields of skill and advanced professionals.

Here are some of its drawbacks:

  • It can promote many social concerns among different states and multi-lingual people.
  • It can promote corruption and illiteracy in many areas of the country.
  • Due to undeveloped structure, lack of electricity, roads etc., can lead to poor lifestyle in different rural areas.

Essay on unity in diversity 6 (400 words)

India is a country of different culture, race, language and religion. This is the land of "unity in diversity", where people of different lifestyles and methods live together. They belong to different faith, religion and faith. In spite of these differences, he remains with regard to brotherhood and humanity. "Unity in diversity" is a distinct feature of India which makes it famous throughout the world. Generally, following the great ancient Indian culture of adoption and generosity, people of India who make them composer in nature "Unity in diversity" makes sense of strength and prosperity throughout the country in almost all aspects of society. By following their customs and beliefs, people of all faiths worship in different ways, demonstrate the existence of basic assimilation. "Unity in diversity" promotes the spirit of brotherhood and harmony among people beyond their own thinking of different inequalities.

India is famous for its rich cultural heritage which is due to people of different religions. On the basis of their own interests and belief, different life-styles promote different cultures. They again promote growth in various professional areas such as music, art, drama, dance (science, folk etc.), theater, sculpture etc. The spiritual tradition of people makes them more devout for each other. All Indian religious texts are a great tool for the spiritual understanding of people. Almost all religions contain the sage, the Maharishi, the yogi, the priests, the Father, who follow their spiritual traditions according to their scriptures.

Hindi is the mother tongue in India, although many other dialects and languages ​​are spoken by people of different religions and regions (such as English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, etc.); Although all feel proud when they are citizens of all great Indians.

India's "unity in diversity" is special, for which it is famous all over the world. It attracts tourism in large scale in India. Being an Indian, we all should understand our responsibilities and try to maintain its unique characteristic at any cost. Here is "the unity in diversity" with real prosperity as well as the path to the progress of the present and the future.

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