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Nurse Assistant Cover Letter

A nurse assistant cover letter signifies the candidate's ability to provide efficient and high quality nursing care to patients in hospitals, outpatient clinics, or nursing homes. The letter revolves around the jobseeker's understanding in various patient care techniques and practices, equally emphasizing on his academic and professional background. An efficiently crafted letter serves as a perfect means of expressing your interests and abilities, while providing a brief introduction to your profile.

The purpose of a cover letter in your application

The cover letter serves the purpose of bringing into light, your proficiency in patient care services, where medications and nutritional food for patients form the major priorities. It complements the resume in enhancing the appeal of your application, increasing the chances of earning you the opportunity of an interview. The letter acts as an official introduction to your application, outlining your profile in a concise manner, putting forth all the essential information in an organized manner. You need to write your cover letter with an aim to gain the confidence of the reader and convince him to consider your application favorably.

Following your introduction, you need to provide a gist of significant information pertaining to your profile, without being too descriptive while mentioning your previous job descriptions. All you need to include is your potential capabilities and the key skills that you possess. You need to design it in such a manner that it perfectly complements your resume and work together to successfully market your knowledge and abilities to the employer.

Given below is a free sample of a nurse assistant cover letter for your reference.

Sample Cover Letter

Jamie K. Potts
4915 Vernon Street
June Lake, CA 93529
(760) 648-6274
January 9, 2014

Donna G. Lantz
HR Executive
Oakland Health Clinic
291 Rose Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Dear Ms. Lantz,

In response to your job advertisement, posted on - ref no: NA/0024/OHC, I hereby extend my application for the position of a Nurse Assistant, within your facility.

I have graduated in the field of nursing, from the St. George Institute of Medical Sciences, UT, in September 2012, following which I joined the Ivins Health Centre and served as a nurse assistant till November 2013. I relocated to June Lake, CA in mid-December, and I'm now seeking an opportunity to express my abilities and work towards acquiring expertise within the nursing sector of medicine.

During my stay in Ivins Health Centre, I was involved in various patient care activities, working towards making their stay comfortable in hospital. I am proficient in setting up X-ray machines, IVs etc and have adequate knowledge in recording body temperatures, blood pressure, pulse readings etc. I was also responsible for ensuring the regulated intake of medicines and nutritious food, to facilitate a healthy, faster rate of healing.

Besides, I am highly motivated to interact with patients and assist them with a comfortable stay. I possess excellent verbal and written communication skills along with ability to interpret medical data. I have also developed my efficiency in prioritizing work and appointment scheduling, which will help me in ensuring a high quality nursing care for all patients, thereby contributing to keep the in-house patients motivated throughout their stay.

Kindly consider reviewing my resume, where you will find detailed information pertaining to my education and previous employment. You may contact me anytime during the week, if you feel the need to discuss my application in detail. I am willing to become a part of your medical team and work towards increasing the efficiency of your medical team, offering my aid in the treatment and recovery of an individual or a family. I wish to share your organization's vision, and work towards its development, while utilizing the knowledge acquired during the process, to guide me towards excellence.

Thank you for your interest in my application.

Sincere regards,

Jamie Potts

Enclosures: Resume and References

While referring to the above example, remember to customize its contents before you include them in your letter, to give rise to a personalized cover letter for your job application.

You can attach perfect unique resume for nursing aide and home health aide resume that will match your cover letter.

Dear Ms. Stewart,

I am writing to apply for the open nursing assistant job at Golden Acres Retirement Home. I have three years of experience working at Green Valley Nursing Home and a solid understanding of appropriate patient care. In addition to my high school diploma, I complete a vocational program, obtaining my certification as a nursing assistant from the State.

I am responsible for using Hoyer lifts, bathing patients, changing linens and dressings, administering medications and helping with hygiene. I am experienced in working with all types of patients with varying needs. I am very patient and compassionate and I am skilled at dealing with difficult residents.

In addition to my education, I have current First Aid, CPR, Medication Administration and Mandt certifications. I have good documentation skills and submit daily logs prior to shift end for the nurses to include in each resident’s records. I document administering medications on the medication administration records and count pills at the beginning and ending of my shift with other staff.

I would enjoy working at Golden Acres as a nursing assistant. I would like to meet you in person soon for an interview. I invite you to either call or email so we can schedule.


Susie Markham

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