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) link multiple traditional systems often suppliedby different software vendors.To manage this, a number of system development life cycle (SDLC) models have beencreated: waterfall, fountain, spiral, build and fix, rapid prototyping, incremental, andsynchronize and stabilize. Although in the academic sense, SDLC can be used to refer tovarious models, SDLC is typically used to refer to a waterfall methodology.


SDLC adheres to important phases that are essential for developers, such as planning,analysis, design, and implementation, and are explained in the section below. There areseveral SDLC Models in existence. The oldest model, that was originally regarded as“the SDLC” is the waterfall model: a sequence of stages in which the output of each stagebecomes the input for the next. These stages generally follow the same basic steps butmany different waterfall methodologies give the steps different names and the number of steps seems to vary between 4 and 7.There is no definitively correct SDLC model, but the steps can be characterized anddivided as follows:


To generate a high-level view of the intended project and determine the goals of theproject. The feasibility study is sometimes used to present the project to uppermanagement in an attempt to gain funding. Projects are typically evaluated in three areasof feasibility: economical, operational, and technical. Furthermore, it is also used as areference to keep the project on track and to evaluate the progress of the MIS team (Post& Anderson, 2006) The MIS is also a complement of those phase. This phase is alsocalled the analysis phase.

Requirements Gatherings And Analysis

The goal of systems analysis is to determine where the problem is in attempt to fix thesystem. This step involves breaking down the system in different pieces and drawingdiagrams to analyze the situation. Analysts project goals, breaking down functions that

There are eight questions in this assignment, which carried 80 marks. Rest 20
marks are for viva-voce. Answer all the questions. Please go through the guidelines
regarding assignments given in the Program Guide for the format of presentation.
Use diagram as part of answer wherever required for better explanation.

1. What is OOAD? Explain concepts of generalization and
specialization in OOAD, with the help of examples.

2. What is class diagram ? Draw class diagram for Online Banking

3. Explain advantage of use case diagram? Draw use case diagram for
Online Banking System.

4. Draw a sequence diagram for Online Movie Ticket Booking

5. (a) What is inheritance ? Explain its advantages.

    (b) What is dynamic modeling? Explain its advantages

6. Explain relation of functional model with object model and
dynamic model.

7. Draw a DFD for Online Admission System of an University. Make
necessary assumptions required.

8. Write short note on followings (minimum in 300 words)

     i) One –way association and two-way association

     ii) Issues in Concurrency Control 

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