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For PhD Thesis, see here. This page is about Senior thesis.

In order that senior thesis produced by Harvard math students are easier for other undergrads to benefit from, we would like to exhibit more senior theses online (while all theses are available through Harvard university archives, it would be more convenient to have them online). It is absolutely voluntary, but if you decide to give us your permission, please send an electronic version of your thesis to cindy@math. The format can be in order of preference: DVI, PS, PDF. In the case of submitting a DVI format, make sure to include all EPS figures. You can also submit Latex or MS word source files.

If you are looking for information and advice from students and faculty about writing a senior thesis, look at this document. It was compiled from comments of students and faculty in preparation for, and during, an information session. Let Rosalie Belanger-Rioux ( know if you have any questions not addressed in this advice document.
Lawrence Cabusora '04Diophantine Sets, Primes, and the Resolution of Hilbert’s 10th Problem PDF
Kevin Chan '04Uniformization of Riemann SurfacesPDF
Jayce Getz '04Classical and p-adic modular forms arising from the Borcherds exponents of other modular formsPDF
Dimitar Jetchev '04Visible Elements of the Shafarevich-Tate GroupPDF
Seth Kleinerman '04 On The Torsion Points of Elliptic Curves & Modular Abelian VarietiesPDF
Richard Rivero '04States, Link Polynomials, and the Tait ConjecturesPDF
Alexander Schwartz '04Elliptic Curves, Group Schemes and Mazur's TheoremPDF
Jonathan Michael Bloom '04The local structure of smooth maps on manifoldsPDF
Gabriel Carroll '05Formal Properties of Categorial GrammarsPDF
Adam Simon Levine '05Quasiconvexity in Word-Hyperbolic Coxeter GroupsPDF
Ian Le '05Tangent Lines to Curves Arising from Automorphic DistributionsPDF
Emily Riehl '06Lubin-Tate Formal Groups and Local Class Field TheoryPDF
Elena Yudovina '08Ratner's Theorems and The Oppenheimer ConjecturePDF
Dustin Clausen '08The Springer CorrespondencePDF
Silas Richelson '08Classifying Varieties with Many LinesPDF
Alex Waldron '08Fano Varieties of low-degree smooth hypersurfaces and unirationalityPDF
Alison Miller '08Explicit class field theory in function fields: Gross-Stark units and Drinfeld modulesPDF
Sam Lewallen '08The Volume ConjecturePDF
Joseph Armao IV '09Evolutionary Game Dynamics, Cooperation and Costly PunishmentPDF
John Cobb '09An Introduction to Reverse MathematicsPDF
Hilary Finucane '09Worst-Case and Average-Case Floating Codes for Flash MemoryPDF
Kelley Harris '09>On the Dynamics of Prebiotic EvolutionPDF
John Lesieutre '09The Knot Concordance GroupPDF
Yakir Reshef '09On Resilient and Exposure-Resilient FunctionsPDF
Shrenik Shah '09Framed Deformation and ModularityPDF
Jeremy Booher'10The Spirit of Moonshine: Connections between the Mathieu Groups and Modular FormsPDF
Zhou Fan '10Global and Local Limit Laws for Eigenvalues of the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble and the Wishart EnsemblePDF
Daniel Litt '10Introduction to Hodge-type StructuresPDF
Laura Starkston '10Contact Structures and Classifications of Legendrian and Transverse KnotsPDF
Michael Viscardi '10Alternate Compactifications of the Moduli Space of Genus One MapsPDF
Nicholas Wage '10Evolutionary Games on Structured Populations under Weak SelectionPDF
Jonathan Wang '11The Moduli Stack of G-BundlesPDF
Rebecca Resnick '11Finding the best model for continuous computationPDF
Brent Ho '11Some constructions of irreducible representations of generic Hecke algebras of type AnPDF
Roxana Feier '12Methods of proof in random matrix theoryPDF
Benjamin Dozier '12Classification and Structure of Periodic Fatou ComponentsPDF
Alex Kunkel '12Étale Fundamental Group: An ExpositionPDF
Eva Belmont '12Stable Homotopy and the J-HomomorphismPDF
Rachel Zax '12Simplifying Complicated Simplicial Complexes: Discrete Morse Theory and its ApplicationsPDF
Krishna Dasaratha '13The Reducibility and Dimension of Hilbert Schemes of Complex Projective CurvesPDF
Eric Larson '13The Maximal Rank Conjecture for Sections of CurvesPDF
Christian Anderson '13Defining physics at imaginary time: reflection positivity for certain Riemannian manifoldsPDF
Jack Latta '14Large graphs and the relationship between edge and triangle densityPDF
Geoffrey Lee '14The Classification of Topological Quantum Field Theories in Two DimensionsPDF
Levent Alpoge '14The Average Elliptic Curve Has Few Integral PointsPDF
Akhil Mathew '14The Galois Group of a Stable Homotopy TheoryPDF
Felix Wong '14 Quantum Ergodicity and the Analysis of Semiclassical Pseudodifferential Operators PDF
Marina Lehner '14 Kan Extensions as the Most Universal of the Universal Constructions PDF
Ryan Patrick '15 The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch Theorem .PDF
Barry Jia Hao Tng '15 How big is that cookie? The integral geometric approach to geometric quantities.PDF
Theo McKenzie '15 Real Stable Polynomials: Description and ApplicationsPDF
Seth Viren Neel '15 Mahalanobis Matching and Equal Percent Bias ReductionPDF
Alexander Makelov '15 Expansion in lifts of graphsPDF
Arpon Rakit '15 Characters in global equivariant homotopy theoryPDF
Evan O'Dorney '15 Rings of small rank over a Dedekind domain PDF
Connor Harris '16 Complex Singularities and Twist Quantum Fields PDF
Kate Donahue '16 All Together Now" Linking the Public Goods Game and Prisoner's Dilemma for Robustness Against Free-RidersPDF
Nat Mayer '16 Mostow rigidity and the proportionality principle for simplicial volume PDF
Octav Dragoi '16 The Sarnak Conjecture: Orthogonality of the Mobius Function on Bounded Depth Circuits PDF
Sitan Chen '16 Geometry in Algorithms and Complexity: Holographic Algorithms and Valiant's ConjecturePDF
Xiaoyu He '16 Primes of the Form p+ny PDF
Justin William Henry Cavitt '17 Set-theoretic Geology, the Ultimate Inner Model, and New AxiomsPDF
Greg Parker '17 Lefschetz Fibrations on 4-Manifolds PDF
Julian Salazar '17 Crepant resolutions of Weierstrass models with torsionPDF
Ashvin Swaminathan '17 Inflection Points in Families of Algebraic Curves PDF
Kevin Yang '17 Bulk Universality of Biregular Bipartite Graphs and Dyson's Brownian Motion for Covariance MatricesPDF
Kathleen Zhou '17 The Golod-Shafarevich Theorem and the class field tower problemPDF

Thesis 2017

Atanas, AdamMartin Nowak Michael MitzenmacherEvolutionary Graph Theory of Biased Sexual Reproduction
Cavitt, JustinHugh WoodinSet-Theoretic Geology, the Ultimate Inner Model and New Axioms
Gaebler, HansHugh WoodinLarge Cardinals and Projective Determinacy
Jiradilok, PakawutTristan CollinsConstruction of a Heat Kernel on Holomorphic Line Bundles over Compact Riemann Surfaces
Larson, HannahJoe HarrisNormal Bundles of Lines on Hypersurfaces
Ma, ZiyuMartin NowakEvolutionary Games on Structured Population: When Will Cooperation be Favored under Weak Selection
McNamara, JakeHiro TanakaHow to Draw a Derived Manifold
Parker, Gregory Cliff TaubesLefschetz Fibrations on 4-manifolds
Salazar, JulianMboyo Esole, Noam ElkiesCrepant Resolutions of Weierstrass Models with Torsion
Swaminathan, AshvinJoe Harris Anand PatelInflection Points in Families of Algebraic Curves
Torres, GeorgeMike HopkinsThe Maslov Index and the Poincare Birkhoff Theorem in Planar Hamiltonian Dynamics
Vasudevan SahanaS.T. YauPseudonorms on thePluricanonical Spaces of Riemann Surfaces
Wang, XieS.T. YauPositive Ricci Curvature on Compact 3-manifolds
Yan, JeffreyArthur JaffeDiscrete Quantum Gravity and Schrader's Last Theorem
Yang, GregMadhu Sudan, S.T. YauA Homological Theory of Functions
Yang, KevinH.T. YauBulk Universality of Biregular Bipartite Graphs and Dyson's Brownian Motion for Covariance Matrices
Zhou, KatBarry MazurGolod-Shafarevich Theorem and the Class Field Tower Problem
Carrick, ChristianMike HopkinsAn Elementary Proof of Quillen's Theormem for Complex Cobordism

Thesis 2016

Aida, TaraDaniel Cristofaro-GardinerThe Anand-Dumir-Gupta Conjectures and Generating Functions
Al-Natsheh, AdamMike HopkinsE infinity-Ring Spectra from Diagram Spaces and Their Topological Hochschild Homology
Chen, SitanJoe Harris, Joseph Landsbert (Texas AM), Leslie ValiantGeometry in Algorithms and Complexity: Holographic Algorithms and Valiant's Conjecture
Ding, DavidNoam ElkiesRanks of Elliptic Curves via the Shioda-Tate Theorem
Donahue, KateChristian Hilbe, Oliver Hauser, Martin Nowak, Cliff Taubes"All Together Now" Linking the Public Goods Game and Prisoner's Dilemma for Robustness Against Free-Riders
Dragoi, OctavArul ShankarThe Sarnak Conjecture: Orthogonality of the Mobius Function on Bounded Depth Circuits
Harris, ConnorRoberto MartinezComplex Singularities and Twist Quantum Fields
He, XiaoyuArul ShankarPrimes of the Form p+ny
Landesman, AaronJoe Harris, Anand PatelInterpolation in Algebraic Geometry
Li, BenHT Yau, Samuel KouRandom Projection Ensembles and Extensions
Lombardi, AlexNoam ElkiesRanks of Elliptic Curves over Q: Theory and Computation
Menon, PriyankaBarry Mazur Ultrafilters in Social Choice Theory
Roberts, DavidClifford TaubesA Variational Approach to Topological Degeneracy in Superconductors
Watters, NicholasST Yau Information Geometric Approaches for Neural Network Algorithms
Ibeling, DuligurCristofaro-GardinerThe Limit of the Abelian Sandpile: An Approach Using PDE
Hitzig, ZoeMartin Nowak, Ned HallThe Evolutionary Dynamics of Distributive Justice
Nat Mayer, Clifford Taubes Mostow rigidity and the proportionality principle for simplicial volume

Thesis 2015

Dalal, Rahul H T Yau Edge Universality for Random Matrices through the Method of Steepest Descent
Eur, Christopher Melody Chan An Introduction to Toric Varieties
Gavin, Nicholas Neil Shephard, Sukhada Fadnavis Pricing Variance, Covariance and Correlation Swaps Using Time-Deformed Levy Processes
Makelov, Aleksandar Salil Vadhan, Curt McMullen Expansion in Lifts of Graphs
Mackereth, Stephen Peter Koellner Ramsey's Theorem for Pairs is Incomparable with Weak Konig's Lemma
McKenzie, Theo Peter Csikvari, Sukhada Fadnavis Real Stable Polynomials: Description and Application
Monks, Keenan Harry Lewis The Linear Sampling Problem in 2 Dimensions
Pfeffer, Joshua HT Yau Dyson Brownian Motion and Local Quantum Unique Ergodicity for the Generalized Erdos-Renyi Ensemble
Proulx, Michael Cliff Taubes An Introduction to Virtual Knot Topology and Khovanov Homology Theory
Raskit, Arpon Jacob Lurie Characters in Global Equivariant Homotopy Theory
Ryan Patrick Igor Rapinchuk The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch Theorem
Tng, Barry Oliver Knill How big is that Cookie? The Integral Geometric Approach to Geometrical Quantities
Yuan, Allen Mike Hopkins The Burnside Category and Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory
ODorney, EvanBenedict GrossRings of small rank over a Dedekind domain

Thesis 2014

Alpoge, LeventJacob TsimermanThe Average Elliptic Curve Has Few Integral Points
Balasubramanian, AnirudhaCurt McMullenSelf Avoiding Walks: Counting and Criticality
Cuipan, AndreEric MaskinEfficient Auctions with Common Values
Cooney, DanielCliff TaubesRock -Paper-Scissors: An Application of Evolutionary Game Theory to Electoral Politics
Dai, IrvingCliff TaubesAn Introduction to Contact Topology: Foliation Theory and the Classification of Overtwisted Contact Structures
Goldberg, GabrielPeter KoellnerReflection Properties of the Largest Large Cardinals
Latta, JackSukhada FadnavisLarge Graphs and the Relationship Between Edge and Triangle Density
Lee, GeoffreyJacob LurieThe Classification of Topological Quantum Field Theories in Two Dimensions
Lehner, MarinaEmily Riehl"All Concepts are Kan Extensions" Kan Extensions as the Most Universal of the Universal Constructions
Li, ChanglinNate AckermanNoncomputable Isomorphism Types Computable Relative To All noncomputable Sets
Mathew, AkhilMike HopkinsThe Galois Group of a Stable Homotopy Theory
Postema, JacobDick GrossThe Kronecker-Weber Theorem an Exploration of Algebraic Number Theory
Ruescher, JosephNate AckermanZero-One Laws and Limiting Structures
Stanton, CaitlinDick GrossAn Introduction to L functions and their Applications
Stock, ChrisCliff TaubesRandom Walk Processes and Stochastic Differential Equations with Applications in Neuroscience
Vogt, IsabelDick GrossThe Lubin-Tate Deformation Space of Formal Groups
Wong, FelixCliff TaubesQuantum Ergodicity and the Analysis of Semiclassical Pseudodifferential Operators
Sheridan, John Joe HarrisAn Investigation of Schubert Calculus

Thesis 2013

Rediet AbebeMike Hopkins, Richard StanleyPlethysm of Schur Functions and Irreducible Polynomial Representations of the Complex General Linear Group
Christian AndersonArthur JaffeDefining physics at imaginary time: reflection positivity for certain Riemannian manifolds
Ben AdlamH T Yau
Baek, Gye HyunRachel EpsteinThe Online Bipartite Matching Problem
Ashok CutkoskyErez Lieberman AidenPolymer Simulations and DNA T
Krishna DasarthaJoe HarrisThe Reducibility and Dimension of Hilbert Schemes of Complex Projective Curves
Gurbir DhillonDennis GaitsgoryThe Verdier Duality (for dummies)
Tony FengMark KisinHodge-Tate Theory
Amy (Qian) HuangSukhada FadnavisChromatic Polynomials: An Exposition
Michael JemisonMike HopkinsQuantum Variants of 3- Manifolds
Yacoub KurehVaibhav Gadre Perron-FrobeniusTheorem: Background, Proof and Applications
Eric LarsonJoe HarrisThe Maximal Rank Conjecture for Sections of Curves
Lucia MoczMark KisinBirch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for Rank 0 and 1 Elliptic Curves over Q
Elena-Madalina PersuLeslie ValiantComputational Learning Methods for Evolution
Sarwar, ArushH T YauWay of the Wavelet: Time-frequency Localization
Sealfon, AdamSalil Vadhan Fault Tolerant Graph Spanners

Thesis 2012

Osber BastaniBarry MazurHomomorphic Encryption Schemes
Eva BelmontMichael HopkinsStable Homotopy and the J-Homomorphism
Utsav BhatH. T. YauLimiting Spectral Distributions of Large Random Covariance Matrices
Tiffany CaiJoe RabinoffFinite Group Schemes
John CasaleCliff TaubesClassification of Compact, Connected Surfaces
Benjamin DozierSarah KochClassification and Structure of Periodic Fatou Components
Roxana FeierMichael BrennerMethods of Proof in Random Matrix Theory
Hallie Glickman-HochKristen Wicklegren
Jeffrey KalmusH.T. YauThe Long-run Behavior of Sinai's Random Walk in Random Environment
Alexander KunkelKirsten WicklegrenEtale Fundmental Group
Weiping Spencer LiangMichael HopkinsSpectral Sequences and the Stable Homotopy Group of Spheres
Philip MoczAndrew Cotton-ClayThe Poincare-Birkhoff Fixed Point Theorem and Periodic Orbits in the Restricted Three-body Problem
Ellen RiceMartin Nowak & Cliff TaubesThe Dynamics of Intermittent Latent Reservoir Stimulation as a Tool for Eradication of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection
Paul VanKoughnettMichael HopkinsOn Two Non-Quillen-Equivalent Stable Model Categories with Triangle-Equivalent Homotopy Catgories
Zhuo Aubrey YangYum Tong SiuPrimes in Arbitrarily Long Arithmetic Progression
Rachel ZaxMichael HopkinsSimplifying Complicated Simplicial Complexes: Discrete Morse Theory and its Applications
Lin Zhai Scott Sheffield MIT and H. T. YauInternal Diffusion Limited Aggregation and the Divisible Sandpile
Zhang, YuCliff TaubesFrom Penrose Tiles to Islamic Architecture, Aperiodic Tiling and Its Construction

Thesis 2011

Iurie Boreico Benedict Gross Relative Elliptic Curves
Kevin Donoghue Cliff Taubes An Introduction to Morse Homology
Sherry Gong Dennis Gaitsgory On Cyclic Homology
Francois Greer Joe Harris Hurwitz Moduli
Brent Ho Barry Mazur Some Constructions of Irreducible Representations of Generic Hecke Algebras of Type An
Yannik Pitcan Paul Bourgade Finite Markov Chain Mixing Time Analysis Using the Logarithmic Sobolev inequalities
Rebecca Resnick Gerald Sacks Finding The Best Model For Continuous Computation
Adrian Sanborn Sarah Koch Scaling Dimensions with Fractal Curves and applications to DNA folding
Arnav TripathyJoe HarrisRational Connectivity
Dmitry VaintrobMichael HopkinsPrime Isogenies of Elliptic Curves Over Arbitrary Number Fields
Jonathan WangDennis Gaitsgory The Moduli Stack of G-Bundles

Thesis 2010

Zachary Abel Salil VadhanLattice Tensor Constructions in the Complexity of the Shortest Vector Problem
Onur Alper Horng-Tzer YauThe Navier-Stokes Problem: An Introduction
Jeremy Booher Benedict GrossThe Spirit of Moonshine: Connections between the Mathieu Groups and Modular Forms
Jonathan Brito John HallAn Introduction to Geometric Invariant Theory
Zhou Fan Horng-Tzer YauGlobal and Local Limit Laws for Eigenvalues of the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble and the Wishart Ensemble
Ernest Fontes Michael HopkinsHopkins A General descent approach for the Picard group of A(1)
Jesse Geneson Warren GoldfarbEntscheidungsproblem: solvability of the extended Ackermann-Denton-Kostyrko class with identity
Daniel Litt Wilfred SchmidIntroduction to Hodge-type Structures
Andrew Schlafly Gerald SacksPartial Recursive Functions in Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory
Laura Starkston Andrew Cotton-ClayContact Structures and Classifications of Legendrian and Transverse Knots
Yi Sun Dennis GaitsgoryFrobenius Splitting for Schubert Varieties
Ameya Velingker Joseph HarrisSeries Expansions Arising from Gelfand Pairs and their Spherical Functions
Michael Viscardi Joseph HarrisAlternate Compactifications of the Moduli Space of Genus One Maps
Nicholas Wage Martin NowakEvolutionary Games on Structured Populations under Weak Selection
Olga Zverovich Salil VadhanThe Minimum Assignment Problem
Harrison Pugh Sarah KochApplications of Differential Chains to Complex Analysis and Dynamics

Thesis 2009

Joseph ArmaoMartin NowakEvolutionary Game Dynamics Cooperation, and Costly Punishment
Kevin CardeLauren WilliamsSymmetric Functions, Hook Expansions, and the Hook Formula
John CobbWarren Goldfarb (Phil)An Introduction to Reverse Mathematics
Grant DasherGreg Morrisett (CS) & Cliff TaubesThe Effects of Dependency: Combining Dependent Types and Effectful Computation
Alexander DubbsM.Brenner(SEAS)Algorithms on Groups and Graph Isomorphism
Hilary FinucaneMichael MitzenmacherWorst-Case and Average-Case Floating Codes for Flash Memory
Kelley HarrisIrene Chen (Sys.Bio) and Cliff TaubesOn the Dynamics of Prebiotic Evolution
Scott Kominers,Noam ElkiesWeighted Generating Functions & Configuration Results for Type II Lattices and Codes
John Lesieutre,Peter KronheimerSlice Knots and the Concordance Group
Samuel Lichtenstein,Dennis GaitsgoryVanishing cycles for algebraic D-Modules,
Shira Mitchell,Joe Blitzstein (Stat)Semiparametric Survival Models with Applications to HIV
Gilbert MossToby GeeChebotarev's Theorem and Artin L-Functions
Charles NathansonMartin NowakEvolution of Cooperation in Structured Pupulations under Weak Selection
Yakir ReshefSalil Vadhan (EECS)On Resilient and Exposure-Resilient Functions
Shrenik ShahRichard TaylorFramed Deformation and Modularity
NIke Sun,Wilfried Schmid & Yum Tong SiuConformally Invarinat Scaling Limits in Planar Critical Percolation
Matthew Tai,Shlomo SternbergThe Topology of the Energy-Momentum Level Sets for the Lagrange Top
Neal WadhwaMartin NowakUpdate Rules in Graph-Structures Populations

Thesis 2008

Bae Justin Peter Kronheimer The Classification, Construction, and Application of Symplectic Manifolds
Candelori Luca Barry Mazur Samit Dasgupta Modular Curves and Mazur's Theorem
Chao Connie Cliff Taubes Attila Ambrus (Econ) Coalitional Reasoning in Normal Form Games
Clausen Dustin Dennis Gaitsgory The Springer Correspondence
Con Diaz Gerardo Cliff Taubes Kirby Diagrams
Goodman Elizabeth Veronique Godin Essential Cohomology Operations
Hendriks Kristen Veronique Godin Morse Theory and the Bott Periodicity Theorem
Lewallen Sam Peter Kronheimer The Volume Conjecture
Miller Alison Samit Dasgupta Explicit class field theory in function fields: Gross-Stark units and Drinfeld modules
Richelson Silas Joe Harris Classifying Varieties with Many Lines
Tang Tina Martin Nowak Hidden Markov Models and Dynamic Programming Algorithms in Bioinformatics
Waldron Alex Joe Harris Fano Varieties of Low-Degree Smooth Hypersurfaces and Unirationality
Walters Robin Thomas Lam Quantum Groups
Wang Irena Benedict Gross Analogies between Elliptic Curves and Drinfeld Modules
Yudovina Elena Daniela Damjanovic Ratner's Theorems and the Oppenheim Conjecture

Thesis 2007

Bass JaredBarry MazurAsymptotic Behavior in Coding Theory
Ellis AlexanderClifford TaubesSpin Geometry on Surfaces
Fontes LilaPeter Koellner (Phil)Independence Results for Peano Arithmetic
Gardiner DanielDenis GaitsgoryDiv Pic and Representability
Goodman DannyRobert StrainA Survey of Some Partial Existence and Regularity Results for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations on R3
Jackson-Hanen DavidPeter KronheimerThe Seiberg-Witten Equations and Four-Manifolds
Jerison DanielH.T. YauDerivation of the Hartree energy functional for bosons with mean-field interaction
Levin AlexNoam ElkiesModular Forms and Sums of Squares Formulas
Lewis JoelThomas LamOn Differential Posets
Lipson MarkClifford Taubes, Jeremy GunawardenaDifferential and graphical approaches to multistability in chemical reaction networks
Morgan Emily Rani NelkenGeneralizing Synchronism to Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems
Nakhoul HaniAndreea NicoaraSubelliptic Estimates and Finite Type for the delta-Neumann Problem on Cn
Nguyen Tien AnhJohn DunacanModular Invariance of Characters of Rational Vertex Operator Algebras
Papaioannou AthanasiosMichael HopkinsIwasawa Theory and the Stable Homotopy Category
Preygel AnatolyJoe HarrisDegrees of Severi Varieties
Rapinchuk IgorBarry MazurElliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication and Kronecker's Jugendtraum
Seshadri GouthamMartin NowakConsanguinity on Weighted Digraphs
Slavov KaloyanSamit DasguptaGross-Stark Units for Totally Real Number Fields
Todorova SoniaVeronique GodinThe Alexander Polynomial for Knots
Von Korff MichaelPeter KronheimerThe Computational Complexity of the Jones Polynomial
Zhang YanLauren WilliamsAn Introduction to Cluster Algebras

Thesis 2006

Balakrishnan JenniferBenedict Gross Samit DasguptaCM Constructions for Elliptic Curves
Catlin MichaelNoam ElkiesA Proof of the Mordell-Weil Theorem
Corwin IvanWilfried SchmidAutomorphic Distributions From Cocompact Fuchsian Groups
Fithian WilliamDennis GaitsgoryThe Riemann-Roch Theorem and Serre Duality for Algebraic Function Fields
Ganatra SheelPeter KronheimerEinstein Metrics on 4-Manifolds and Seiberg-Witten Theory
Gerasimov TimofeiJose Blanchet (Stat)Using Affine Processes to Price Defaultable bonds in an Intensity-Based Framework
Hurder StephanieDrew Fudenbereg (Econ)Interdependent Preferences and the Universal Type Space
Le JennaBarry MazurThe Structure of the Filtration of Ramification Groups for a Galois Extension of Local Fields
Liu RickyJoseph HarrisSpecialization of Linear Systems of Plane Curves
Tarnita CorinaJoseph HarrisThe Fano Variety of Lines on a Hypersurface and the Debarre-De Jong Conjecture
Patrikis StefanRichard TaylorLifting Symplectic Galois Representation
Riehl EmilyFrancesco CalegariLubin-Tate Formal Groups and Local Class Field Theory
Rozenblyum NikitaMichael HopkinsMotivic Homotopy Theory and Power Operations in Motivic Cohomology
Valiant GregoryMike Mitzenmacher (Comp)The Inefficiency of Selfishness in Network Routing
Zakharevich InnaMichael HopkinsModel Category Structures on sC

Thesis 2005

Daniel AlmogNoam ElkiesThe Periodicity of the positions of a fixed Grundy value in certain poset games
Benjamin BakkerShing-Tung YauToric Varieties and Mirror Symmetry
John CarlssonTodd ZicklerA Mathematical Method for Musical Handwriting Recognition
Gabriel CarrollClifford TaubesFormal Properties of Categorial Grammars
Andrew ChiDylan ThurstonA Topological Understanding of the AGM Iteration
Michael ChiappaPaul BambergProbalistic Algorithms Hash Functions and Spell Checking
Samuel GanzfriedAvi Pfeffer (CS)Computing Nash Equilibria in Two Player Strategic Form Games
Jeff Hammerbacher Tomaso Poggio Concentration and Stability in Statistical Learning Theory
Andrei JorzaWilliam SteinThe Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture for Abelian Varieties over Number Fields
Ian LeWilfried SchmidTangent Lines to Curves Arising from Automorphic Distributions
Adam LevineDylan Thurston Quasiconvexity in Word-Hyperbolic Coxeter Groups
Danielle LiWilliam SteinProving Mordell-Weil: A Descent in Three Parts
Arik MotskinL. ValiantGraph Planarity Kuratowski's Theorem and Planarity-Testing Algorithms
Ronen MukamelDylan ThurstonClassifying Spaces for Riemann Structures on Smooth Surfaces
Daniel RosenbloomP.KoellnerBorel Selections and Set-Theoretic Abstraction
Jennifer SinnottFrank CalegariOn Stickelberger's Theorem, Herbrands's Theorem and Irregular Primes
Tseno TselkovRichard TaylorA Modular Proof of the Class Number One Problem
Kartik VenkatramTom Coates On the Number of Plane Conics through Five Points
Stephen WalkerA.DempsterOn the Use of Fuzzy Logic in Cluster Analysis

Thesis 2004

Jonathan BloomPeter KronheimerThe Local Structure of Smooth Maps of Manifolds
Lawrence CabusoraJessica YoungDiophantine Set Primes and the Resolution of Hilbert's 10th Problem
Dustin CartwrightBarry MazurHigher K-Theory
Kevin ChanYum Tong SiuUniformization of Riemann Surfaces
Keziah CookDylan ThurstonStable and Unstable Laminations of Automorphisms of the 2-holed Torus
Paul FiliFrank CalegariOn the Elliptic Curve Method of Factorization
John FrancisMike HopkinsOn the Connective Real K-theory of K(Z4): an Application of Stable Homotopy to Integrals on Spin Manifolds
Jayce GetzWilliam SteinClassical and p-adic Modular Forms Arising from the Borcherds Exponents on Other Modular Forms
Judah JacobsonNathan Intrator (Brown)Lower Bounds on Estimator Error and the Threshold Effect
Dimitar JetchevWilliam SteinVisible Elements of the Shafarevich-Tate Group
Seth KleinermanWilliam SteinOn the Torsion Points of Elliptic Curves & Modular Abelian Varieties
Kwun KwaiYum Tong SiuThe Bochner-Kodaira Techniques and Strong Rigidity of Compact Kähler Manifolds
William MeyersonDerek BruffConstructing the Daubechies Wavelet Basis
C.Pasquali GonzalezLaura Matusevich, Marcus Mobius(Econ)On the Derivation of the Kalman Filter and Stochastic Time Series Analysis
Richard RiveroDylan ThurstonStates Link Polynomial and the Tait Conjectures
Grant SchoenebeckSalil Vadhan The Computational Complexity of Finding Nash Equilibria in Succinctly Represented Games
Alexander SchwartzFrank CalegariTorsion Points in Elliptic Curves over Arbitrary Fields
Eric SwartzLaurent BergerL-Invariants

Thesis 2003

Trevor BassRichard StanleyExcluded Minor Theory and Its Algorithmic Byproducts
Dennis ClarkNathan DunfieldHeegaard Splittings and Efficient Algorithms for Fundamental Groups of 3-Manifolds
Andrew CottonPeter KronheimerGromov's Nonsqueezing Theorem
Richard CudneyShing-Tung YauJet Spaces of Schemes
James FowlerNathan DunfieldFinding 0-Efficient Triangulations of 3-Manifolds
Michael GreenePeter KronheimerBordism and Cobordism of (B f) Manifolds
John Gregg (+COMP)William SteinOn Factoring Integers and Evaluating Discrete Logarithms
Jonathan GubermanSteve Altschuler Lani WuMass Action Reaction Networks and The Deficiency Zero Theorem
Wei HoNoam ElkiesThe Main Conjecture of Iwasawa Theory
Harpaul Kohli (+PHIL)Gerald SacksMaking it Harder: Parallels between Jumping to Greater Degrees of Unsolvability or Information Encoding and Jumping to More Difficult Classes of Solvabililty
Isidora MilinNathan DunfieldDehn Fillings of Hyperbolic Three-Manifolds
Andrew ObusBenedict GrossThe Trace Formula for ?0(N)
Joseph RabinoffSteven DeBackerThe Bruhat-Tits building of a p-adic Chevalley group and an application to representation theory
Kenneth ShirleyCarl Morris (Stat)Applications of Markov Theory to Baseball
Aaron Tievsky (+PHYS)Kalle KaruA Geometric Littlewood-Richardson Rule for Equivariant Schubert Calculus
Anthony VarillyBenedict GrossSingular and Supersingular Moduli
Kirsten WickelgrenCurt McMullenBilliards in Polygons
Lara Marie BuchakNed Block (Phil)Conceptual Problems Within The Computational Theory of Mind
Elizabeth OgburnPhilConsequentialism and the Person as an End-in-Itself

Thesis 2002

Bronfman AaronNo advisorGrowth Function of the Positive Braid Monoid
Cais BrydenNoam ElkiesRiemann Surfaces and Modular Function Field Extensions
Castillo ThomasJoseph HarrisConservation of Number and the Grassmannian Perspectives on Schubert's Principle
Dinkin AaronRichard StanleyPerfect Graphs and the Perfect Graph Conjecture
Healy Alexander (MATH+COMP)Michael RabinLattice Basis Reduction and Public-Key Cryptography
Hill MichaelMichael Hopkins Peter KronheimerVector Fields on Spheres and Applications to Homotopy Theory
Josephson WilliamMichael RabinVerifiable Secret Sharing
Kelner JonathanPeter KronheimerThe Surgery Theoretic Classification of High-Dimensional Smooth and Piecewise Linear Simply Connected Manifolds
Levine LionelNoam ElkiesThe Rotor-Router Model
Matchett PhilStephen DeBackerHaar Measure and Representation of the Heisenberg Group
Mihelich ChrisWilliam SteinArithmetic Properties of Restricted partition functions
Miyasaka EiichiNoam ElkiesThe Classification of some Finite Simple Groups and the Exceptional Isomorphisms between them
Moss SarahDaniel GoroffArrow's Impossibility Theorem: Combinatorial and Topological Approaches
Musiker GreggRichard StanleyCluster Algebras Somos Sequences and Exchange Graphs
Schedler TravisNathan DunfieldTroels Jorgensen's Once-Punctured Torus Theory
Snyder NoahDick GrossArtin's L-functions: A Historical Approach
Speyer DavidWilliam SteinThe Eichler-Shimura Correspondence: Theoretical and Computational Aspects
Tenner BridgetWilfried SchmidPaul Sally (Chicago)
Warshall AndrewNoam ElkiesPrinciples of Combinatorial Game Theory
Weinstein JaredDick GrossThe L-series of Number Fields and of Abelian Varieties
Agarwal Neil (COMP+MATH)Gerald Sacks, Salil VadhanAutomorphisms of the lattice of computably enumerable sets

Thesis 2001

Pranav AnandWarren GoldfarbIndicators for Non-Standard Models of Arithmetic
David FarrisRaoul BottBasic Morse Theory via Half Spaces and the Morse Complex
Lukasz FidkowskiRaoul BottSeveral Approaches to Chern Classes
Elizabeth FosterDick GrossReciprocity
Daniel GlaserLeslie ValiantA Theoretical Discussion of Boosting
Paula LevyLeslie ValiantAlgebraic Complexity: A Compendium of VNP-complete Problems
Maryanthe MalliarisGerald SacksAsymptotic Methods for Finite Models
Ciprian ManolescuPeter KronheimerFinite Dimensional Approximation in Seiberg-Witten Theory
Davesh MaulikDick GrossExplicit Class Field Theory for Function Fields
Petar MaymounkovM. MitzenmacherDivergence-proving Techniques for Best Fit Bin Packing and Random Fit
Anna MedvedovskyMatt BakerChebotarev's Density Theorem
Joshua Nichols-BarrerJoe Harris, Sean KeelGIT with an Application to the Birational Geometry of M31 and M41
Janak RamakrishnanBarry MazurHilbert's 10th Problem and the Role of the Pell Equation
Nikolai RoussanovIlia BinderThe Mandelbrot's Conjecture and Critical Exponents for Brownian Motion
Bhatt MeghanaLeslie Valiant "Aggregating Simple Functions into Powerful Predictors"

Thesis 2000

Ackerman NateGerald Sacks"Effective Descriptive Set Theory"
Acquista KarenRichard Taylor"Constructing the p-Adic L-Functions"
Barth NilsJoseph Harris"Pluricanonical Maps and Models of Algebraic Surfaces"
Bhat HarishDaniel Goroff"Aubry-Mather Sets and a Problem of Three-Bodies"
Gilchrist PeteBenedict Gross"An Exploration of Algebraic Number Theory: Algorithmic Development and Inplementation"
Jensen MeredithWarren Goldfarb"Establishing a Hierarchy for First-Order Quantifier Prefixes"
Kirkup GeorgeBarry Mazur"K2 of Number Fields"
Lee DanPeter Kronheimer"Dirac Spinors and the Positive Energy Theorem"
Lee AlexJoseph Harris"The Hilbert Schemes of Curves in P3"
Lieblich MaxBrian Conrad"Galois Representations Arising from p-Divisible Groups"
Lurie JacobBenedict Gross"Simply Laced Lie Algebras and their Minuscule Representations"
McMillen ChrisDaniel Goroff"Stochastic Calculus with Local Martingale Integrators"
Oprea DragosPeter Kronheimer"Seiberg-Witten Invariants and Applications"
Proudfoot NickPeter Kronheimer"Brieskorn's construction of Exotic Spheres"
Riesenfeld SamanthaMichael Rabin"Computing the Irreducible Representations of a Finite Group over Finite Fields: The Non-Modular Case"
Sagalovskiy DmitryDavid Kazhdan"Wavelets as Bases for LP Spaces"
Wichs DavidDavid Kazhdan"Morse Theory and its Applications"
Williams LaurenEric Sommers"A q-analog of Weight Multiplicity"
Yasufuku YuRichard Taylor"Deformation Theory of Formal Modules"
Harris DavidGerald Sacks"Transcendence Degree in the General Setting"

Thesis 1999

Caramanis ConstantineCliff TaubesThe Invariance of the Index of Elliptic Operators
Dasgupta SamitBrian ConradStark's Conjectures
Emanuel MichelPeter KronheimerClassical Linear Groups over Finite Fileds
Friedman MarnieMichael Nakamaye and D KleitmanLights Camera Optimal Actions: A Study of Strategies and Equilibria in Stochastic Games
Gnepp AndreiClifford TaubesSmoothing of Topological Manifolds
Helm DavidRichard Taylor Barry MazurThe Euler System of Cyclotomic Units
Krieger JoachimWilfried SchmidGeometric Methods in the Representation Theory of noncompact Liegroups
Lebow EliPeter KronheimerGauge Theory and the ADHM Construction
Liu Ju KuanCurt McMullenIntegrating Quadratic Polynomials on the Real Line
Luber HaroldDan StrookThe Central Limit Theorem: Proofs and Applications
Lyo GraceCliff TaubesThe Heegaard Decomposition Theorem A Morse-Theoretic Introduction
Marian AlinaWilfried SchmidOn the Real Moment Map
Menon SanjayRichard Taylor Barry MazurChebotarev's Density Theorem
Nichols AnnMichael Nakamaye, Jill Mesirov and James Ireland MITA Bin Packing Algorithm Applied to a Genetic Reseqencing Assay
Ordway DamianS.-T. YauThe Topology of Manifolds with Positive Scalar Curvature
Oreskovich AnneClifford TaubesOn constructions Surgeries and Unique Decomposition Theorems of Knots Links and 3-Manifolds
Osserman BrianRichard Taylor Barry MazurHeegner's Work and Its Applications
Plotkin JoshuaPeter KronheimerCobordism and Exotic Spheres
Purdy DavidNoam ElkiesSearching for High Rank Elliptic Curves
Sen ArunRichard TaylorBarry Mazur
Stephens BenS.-T. YauCompact Riemannian 7-Manifolds with Holonomy G2
Tenny DanielTom BradenLinear Programming and Karmarkar's Algorithm
Roshak Natalka (minor) PHIL+Robert Nozick Warren Goldfarb - H.T.Number as an Internalized Regularity
Chang Yu-Han (minor) ECON+ Chris Foote - H.T.Exogenous Uncertainty in Computable General Equilibria Models: A Study on the Effects of Tax Policy on Economics Growth
Fernholz DanNoam ElkiesQuantum Error-Correcting Codes

Thesis 1998

David AgrazKamal Khuri-MakdisiArtin L-functions: Applications and Calculations
Joshua BarbackGerald SacksSome results related to retraceable sets and Ramsey's Theorem
Daniel BissRaoul Bott & Michael HopkinsHomotopy Theory with a view toward Stable Computation
Andrew BlumbergDavid KazhdanThe Merkurjev-Suslin Theorem
Patrick CornRichard TaylorModular Forms and Galois Representations
Moon DuchinPersi DiaconisCombinatorial Methods and Constructive Notions for the Colin de Verdiere Graph Parameter
Samuel GrushevskyYum Tong SiuFenchel-Nielsen boundary of Teichmüller Space
Jesse HahnelDick GrossAdditive Number Theory Modular Forms and the partition Function
Christopher JerdonekCurt McMullenHyperbolic Geometry in the Study of Three-Manifolds
Benjamin LeeDavid KazhdanGeometric Quillen-Suslin
Florin SpinuWilfried SchmidThe Eisenstein Series of SL(2R)
Julianna TymoczkoJoe HarrisThe p-components of the stable homotopy groups of spheres
Stephen WangDick GrossThe Uniqueness of Two Remarkable Lattices
Jonathan WeinsteinKenneth FanLength Functions on Finite Reflection Groups
Eric YehMichael NakamayeThe Theory of Divisors in Krull Domains


Börjeson, Kaj: Free loop spaces, Koszul duality and A-infinity algebras

Neuner, Christoph: On Supersingular Perturbations

Robbestad Gylterud, Håkon: Univalent Types, Sets and Multisets: Investigations in dependent type theory

Wierstra, Felix: Hopf Invariants in Real and Rational Homotopy Theory


Backman, Theo: Configuration spaces, props and wheel-free deformation quantization

Bergvall, Olof: Cohomology of arrangements and moduli spaces

Espíndola, Christian : Achieving completeness: from constructive set theory to large cardinals

Leander, Madeleine: Combinatorics of stable polynomials and correlation inequalities

Oneto, Alessandro: Waring-type problems for polynomials: Algebra meets Geometry


Ketil Tveiten Period integrals and other direct images of D-modules

Forsgård, Jens: Tropical aspects of real polynomials and hypergeometric functions


Bergh, Daniel: Destackification and Motivic Classes of Stacks

Johansson, Petter: On the topology of the coamoeba

Martino, Ivan: Ekedahl Invariants, Veronese Modules and Linear Recurrence Varieties

Alm, Johan: Universal algebraic structures on polyvector fields

Aermark, Lior: Hardy and spectral inequalities for a class of partial differential operators


Alexandersson, Per: Combinatorial Methods in Complex Analysis

Jost, Christine: Topics in Computational Algebraic Geometry and Deformation Quantization

Lundqvist, Johannes: On Amoebas and Multidimensional Residues


Abdulaali, Ahmad K. Al. On the Extension and Wedge Product of Positive Currents


Tadesse, Yohannes: Tangential derivations, Hilbert series and modules over Lie algebroids

Waliullah, Shoyeb: Topics in nonlinear elliptic differential equations

Samieinia, Shiva: Digital geometry, combinatorics, and discrete optimization

Emtander, Eric: Chordal and complete structures in combinatorics and commutative algebra


Xantcha, Qimh:The Theory of Polynomial Functors

Granåker, Johan: Wheeled Operads in Algebra, Geometry, and Quantization

Zusmanovich, Pasha: Low-dimensional cohomology of current Lie algebras


Lundqvist, Samuel: Computational algorithms for algebras

Nilsson, Lisa: Amoebas, Discriminants, and Hypergeometric Functions

Rökaeus, Karl: Grothendieck rings and motivic integration.

Strohmayer, Henrik: Prop profiles of compatible Poisson and Nijenhuis structures.


Berglund, Alexander: Minimal models in algebra, combinatorics and topology.

Franzén, Salla: On propagation of boundary continuity for domains in complex space.

Jacquet, David: On complex convexity.

Nobel, Lennart: Polynomial hulls and envelopes of holomorphy.


Bergkvist, Tanja: Asymptotics of eigenpolynomials of exactly-solvable operators.

Hellgren, Patrik: G-structures and families of isotropic submanifolds in complex contact manifolds.

Schuplev, Alexey: Toric varieties and residues.


Oldin, Mats: Joint Sequences and Factorizations in Free Monoids

Andersson, Johan: Summation formulae and zeta functions.

Brage, Jens: A natural interpretation of classical proofs.

Hemmi, Kirsti: Approaching proof in a community of mathematical practice.


Carlström, Jesper: Partiality and choice: foundational contributions.

Chulkov, S. P.: Topics in analytic theory of partial differential equations.

Crispin Quinonez, Veronica: Integral closure and related operations on monomial ideals.

Ekenberg, Love: A unified framework for indeterminate probabilites and utilities.

Tidblom, Jesper: Improved Lp Hardy inequalities.


Shadrin, Sergei: Intersections on the moduli space of curves.


Larsson, Anna: Periodisations of contragredient Lie superalgebras and their presentions.

Rullgård, Hans: Topics in geometry, analysis and inverse problems.

Salomonsson, Pelle: Contributions to the theory of operads.


Holm, Pär: Differential operators on arrangements of hyperplanes.

Sadykov, Timour: Hypergeometric functions in several complex variables.


Eriksson, Anders: Differential operators on some classes of rings.

Olofsson, Anders: Topics in real and complex analysis.


Öktem, Ozan: Extensions of separately analytic functions and applications to mathematical tomography. Characterizing the range of the exponential Radon transform.


Crona, Kristina: Graded rings, Gröbner bases and som classes of Koszul algebras.

Huang, Yisheng: Multiple solutions of equations involving the p-Laplacian in unbounded domains.

Pettersson, Kerstin: Strong n-generators in some one-dimensional domains.

Snellman, Jan: A graded subring of an inverse limit of polynomial rings.


Backelin, Erik: On certain categories of representations related to the category O over a semi-simple lie algebra.

Hreinsdóttir, Freyja: On the ring of commuting matrices.

Nilsson, Andreas: Singular integrals and multipliers on real and symmetric spaces.

Sköldberg, Emil: (Co)homology of monomial aglebras.


Bandmann, Olav: A boundary for groups

Parhizgar, Mohammad: On the cohomology ring of some free loop spaces.


Fredholm, Daniel: Intensional aspects of function definitions.

Serafimovski, Svetozar: Syntactic computation systems.

Yongqing, Li: On nonlinear eigenvalue problems and critical point theory for indefinite functionals.


Kurasov, Pavel: On direct and inverse scattering problems in dimension one.


Xing, Yang: Zeros and growth of entire functions of several variables, the complex Monge-Ampère operator and some related topics.


Ekström, Eva Kristina: Some results on noetherian rings.

Gustavsson, Torbjörn: Decompositions of large graphs and digraphs with high minimum degree.

Källström, Rolf: Regular holonomicity of some differential systems in physics.

Stolin, Alexander: On rational solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation.

Zhang, Genkai: Hankel operators and Plancherel formula.


Shapiro, Boris: Disconjugate linear ordinary differential equations, flag varieties and classification of symplectic leaves in several Kac-Moody and Gelfand-Dikii algebras.


Valtonen, Erik: Some results on commutative semitrivial ring extensions.


Fagrell, Per: Some results on Fourier methods for hyperbolic conservation laws.

Hellgren, Torsten B.: Hypergraph colourings, compatible hamiltonian cycles and restricted 2-factors in dense graphs.


Börjeson, Lennart: Estimates of Bochner-Riesz operators and of averages over hypersurfaces.

Lövblom, Gun-Marie: Some non-linear mappings in classical Banach spaces.


Lizhong, Peng: Contributions to certain problems in paracommutators.


Ljungström, Anders: Rotstein rings and some inequalities concerning Hilbert functions.


Abramczuk, Wojciech: Contributions to three problems in systems of differential and convolution equations.

Alonso, Juan M.: Contributions to certain problems in algebraic topology.

Eliasson, Håkan: Hamiltonian systems with Poisson commuting integrals.

Gottlieb, Christian: Some inequalities concerning colengths in Noetherian rings.


Backelin, Jörgen: Some homological results for graded or commutative rings.

Bøgvad, Rikard: Graded lie algebras in local algebra and rational homotopy.

Kolsrud, Torbjörn: Studies in potential theory and function spaces.

Szulkin, Andrzej: Some problems in nonlinear operator theory.

åberg, Hans: Bieri-Strebel valuations (of finite rank).


Ellingsrud, Geir: Om klassifikasjon av algebraiske vektorbunter på projektive rom.

Vaderlind, Paul: Clutters and atomistic lattices.


Björner, Anders: Studies in homological and combinatorial order theory.

Tamm, Martin: Subanalytic sets in the calculus of variation.


Fröberg, Ralph: A complex construction with applications to determination of Poincaré series.

Heden, Olof: A study on mixed prefect codes.

Lang, Harald: Studies in differential-difference equations.


Löfwall, Clas: On some homological properties of rings.

Sjödin, Gunnar: Applications of homological methods in commutative algebra.

Strömbeck, Peter: On some problems in non-commutative ring theory.


Palmér, Ingegerd: The global homological dimension of some ring extensions.


Arnér, Lars: Some problems in the theory of quadratic forms.

Nystedt, Lars: On polyharmonic continuation by reflection formulas.


Lindström, Bernt: Studies in additive number theory and combinatorial structures.


Björk, Jan-Erik: Chain conditions of associative rings.

Enflo, Per: Investigations on Hilbert's fifth problem for non locally compact groups.

Kristoferson, Jan: An exposition of the consistency and independence proofs for the axiom of choice and the continuum hypothesis in axiomatic set theory with special regard to Zermelo's axiom system.

Lundberg, Anders: A theorem on continuous solutions of the generalized associativity equation.

Martin-Löf, Per: Notes on constructive mathematics.


Boman, Jan: Partial regularity of functions of several real variables.


Björck, Göran: Linear partial differential operators and generalized distributions.

Kiselman, C. O.: Studies in analytic functionals and functions of exponential type.


Jacobinski, H.: Verzweigungsgruppen und Verzweigungskörper.


Lech, Christer: Three papers connected with algebraic geometry.

Thomée, Vidar: Some results concerning boundary problems for partial differential equations.


Dahlquist, Germund: Stability and error bounds in the numerical integration of ordinary differential equations.


Ganelius, Tord: Sequences of analytic functions and their zeros.


Hanner, Olof: Retraction and extension of mappings.

Rådström, Hans: Convexity and norm in topological groups.


Hilding, Sven H.: Linear methods in the theory of complete sets in Hilbert space.


Hellsten, Ulf: Determination of the denominator of Fredholm in some types of integral equations.


Pleijel, åke: Propriétes asymptotiques des fonctions et valeru propres de certain problèmes de vibrations.


Ehrnst, Fredrik: Sur quelques propriétés des congruences de cercles dans la géométrie conforme.

Persson, Karl: Sur une classe de systèmes d'équations linéaires à une infinité d'inconnues.


Juringius, Nils: Recherches sur les fonctions symétriques.


Johansson, Filip: Über die Nullstellen gewisser mit E(x) verwandten Funktionen.


Almer, Bertil: Sur quelques problèmes de la théorie des fonctions analytiques de deux variables complexes.

Olson, Hjalmar: Om i hela planet entydiga integraler till ett system av lineära differentialekvationer och om regulära integraler till ett dylikt system.


Hille, Einar: Some problems concerning spherical harmonics.


Berwald, Fz. R.: Quelques études sur une généralisation de certaines identités dues à Euler.

Cramér, Harald: Sur une classe de séries de Dirichlet.

d'Ailly, G. H.: Sur quelques propriétés des coefficients de certaines séries de Laurent.


Englund, Erik: Sur les méthodes d'intégration de Lie et les problèmes de la mécanique céleste.


Palmqvist, Reinh.: Quelques études sur la convergence des déterminants infinis et les systèmes d'une infinité d'équations linéaires a une infinité d'inconnus.


Zeilon, Nils: Sur les intégrales fondamentales des équations a caractéristique réelle de la physique mathématique.


Huss, Einar: Bidrag till en aritmetisk teori för binära kubiska former.


Malmquist, J.: Sur les équations différentielles du premier ordre. Dont l'intégrale générale admet un nombre fini de branches permutables autour des points critiques mobiles.

Stridsberg, E.: Sur quelques propriétés arithmétiques de certaines fonctions transcendantes.

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